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the lovely poppy [[the blog]]: July 2011

Sunday, July 31, 2011

fall colors and the giveaway winner

hope ya'll had a good weekend. part of my weekend was spent getting ready for the fall line. i narrowed down my choices from 38 to 11 and am happy to announce all of the new colors. i hope you enjoy them as much as i do. i've made the decision to only order robert kaufman's kona cotton because the quality is unbeatable. i can't wait to try out a few new color combinations and of course new products.

drumroll please...
the winner of the blossom headband is sarah@everydayeasy. 

sarah please email me at thelovelypoppy at for details. thanks for everyone else that entered.

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Friday, July 29, 2011


three words or less. okay that was four, but three starting now.

instaFriday- life rearranged

favorite rug
 pleated poppy wristlet
new iMac computer
treats for visitor
 go kart lights
 favorite childhood game
 productive order week


Thursday, July 28, 2011

house tour

b and i "invested" in our first home a little over two years ago. we were looking for something in our price range that didn't need too much TLC. looking for a house in milwaukee is not easy. 90% of the houses that we fell in love with had not so desirable neighborhoods. we finally found the house we are in now after many late nights searching listings and driving what seemed like all over the country to track down for sale signs.

although we are happy with our purchase, we are looking forward to moving (yes, i said that and i DEPISE moving). we'd like to relocate closer to our families, however with us both having good jobs in milwaukee, we probably won't be moving anytime soon.

this is a picture of the guest bedroom, before we painted it.

the colors turned out A LOT brighter than we were anticipating, however it works out since i had an old bright duvet set. i'm a big fan of bold and bright colors, however i'd really like to repaint this room at some point.

 the kitchen is my favorite room in the house. i love the colors, cabinets, and tiling. i always liked white cabinets, however i don't think i'd choose them if i had a choice, they are not so fun to clean.

this is a picture of the living room before we moved in. it looks almost identical, just substitute another awesome couch and different curtains. 

i'll post more pictures.. once i'm happy with how the master bedroom and bathroom look. don't hold your breath... it may be a few months (or years)


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

wiww- loving some anthro & kate spade

i got myself an early birthday imac (thanks mom & dad), so i have a good excuse for not having pictures of wiww this week. wiww is a link fiesta with lindsey at the pleated poppy. i seriously love this idea and it's an enjoyable part of my wednesday mornings.

i'd really, really like to purchase this dress from anthro.

i'd pair it with these super cute shoes from kate spade.
and then i'd make another trip back to anthro to get these nesting rings.

once i was done shopping, i'd have to stop at the new frozen yogurt shop down the road, for my chocolate fix.
mmm, mmm, mmm. i'd probably spill a little something on me, which would make it perfect for wiww.

want to win a free headband from the lovely poppy? check out the post from yesterday for details on how to win!!


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

lovely poppy giveaway

who's in the mood for a free lovely poppy giveaway? (i hope you're sitting in your computer chair chanting me, me, me!). one lucky blog follower will win a free blossom headband (shipping is included).

how do you win? become a public blog follower and comment on this post to enter. a winner will be selected sunday, july 31st. want to increase your chances to win? refer a friend to become a follower and comment who you referred over.

good luck!

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Friday, July 22, 2011


i'm linking up with jeannett for another week of instaFriday, where we share our pictures from the instagram app. 
at the salon, going brunette

 revamped my clock and work with more fabric and less pictures

treated myself to a new wallet

and a new backpack

made a new headband

which i decided also makes a cool necklace

burp cloths for a baby shower 

 a spunky pup before the craft fair

my booth at the craft fair

a tired pup after the craft fair

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Thursday, July 21, 2011

my inspiration

Working with families and children with has been one of the most rewarding opportunities for me. The children constantly inspire me, even when I’m not with them. I can be sitting in the studio, sewing away and think back to a situation of a time when I taught someone something new and I’m inspired for the rest of the day.

During my junior year of college, I decided to look for a part time job. I remember seeing a posting for the line therapist position in a local newspaper and decided to apply for it.  I was interviewed, offered a position and placed on my first team; I was excited for the job yet completed unaware of the amazing career that awaited me. Leading up to my first day I was eager to start, but nervous about meeting the family for the first time.

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but after completing my training I felt more confident and excited to be on my own. It took me a few months to get comfortable with programming but with solid resources and good people supporting me I let loose.  I made a concerted effort to be as creative as I could to make a difference in the lives of the family that I was working with. Within the first few months I was able to notice changes in the child that we were working with.  We taught the child how to ride a bike, use the bathroom, and eventually hold a conversation. I would leave work at night feeling like I made a difference and woke up in the morning excited about the opportunities ahead. Words cannot describe that feeling that I would get after the parents would recognize and participate in the progress of their child.

We follow the child’s motivation and set up situations to target attainable goals and skills to enhance the lives of not just the children but their families too. Over the past five years I have seen monumental changes with the children I’ve worked with. It is a passion of mine to support families and therapists learn strategies that will help children obtain goals that no one thought possible.

I once heard the saying “find a job that you love and you’ll never work a day in your life” and being a line therapist definitely was a job that I loved and decided to make a career out of. I decided to go to graduate school for master’s degree, focusing on autism spectrum disorder, and recently was promoted to the become the autism services coordinator at a local clinic in Milwaukee.

Due to confidentially purposes, I can't post any pictures of the lovely kiddos I get to work with. So, I'm following Gussy's lead and sharing a few pictures of my favorite jewelry items.

1) my anniversary/ wedding ring

2) pearl necklace (also from my hubby)

3) floral blossom necklace from the shop

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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

wiww- brunette edition

i did it, i'm officially a brunette. what better way to showcase the new "do" than linking up for another week of what i wore wednesday with lindsey. it's been HOT here, like 110 degrees hot and i'm totally a 50 degree lady. we crank the a/c cold enough so that i can still lounge around in sweats when i get home. poor bailey doesn't get walks anymore, because neither hubby or i can tolerate the hottness.
anyways i've been wearing a lot of sun dresses and yoga pants (yoga pants not shown). i promise i bought all of the outfits above, it was just more convenient to take pictures in the dressing room. and yes friends and family- you can make fun of me for doing this :-)

dress: INC
purse you can't really see: steve madden

t-shir dress: michael kors

dress: target

and lastly.. i'm going to cheat a little and show off the necklace my mom was modeling from the shop. doesn't she wear it well? i just got done making a batch for an upcoming wedding, can't wait to see the pictures.

hopefully i will have more dresses to share next week. it's been quite the search finding dresses that are long enough (remember i'm 6'3''). most of them end up being slightly long t-shirts on me. thank goodness for capris. remember when the 3/4 length shirts were in style? that's how long sleeve shirts fit me. sorry for the tangent :-) hope you have a great wednesday.


Monday, July 18, 2011

first craft fair

over the weekend i participated in my first craft fair. i'm REALLY glad i got my first one under my belt. it was small enough for me to prepare enough products, but large enough to stay entertained with people watching :-)  i have a few left over products that i will be listing later this week, but all 'n all it was a successful first fair.

my mom made the awesome banner in the back, i'm so happy with how it turned out

notice what's different in this picture? if you guessed my husband and bailey- you're correct. dogs weren't allowed, but they let her come in with us. she was in heaven with the amount of attention she got and it helped bring customers to the booth.

i was contemplating all week if i wanted to make a tablecloth, but decided to use an old sheet and overall was happy with my decision. now if i could only have a cordless iron, i'd be happy.

my next craft fair is in september, however i'm still debating if i want to sign up for additional shows or not. it was a great experience and i was so happy to have the hubby and pup along.


Friday, July 15, 2011


it's that time of the week again.. instaFriday- where i'm linking up with jeannett from life rearranged to share pictures from the instagram app.

army tank birthday cake from my father in law's birthday

fresh fruit

my new stamps came, so exciting!!

 bailey checking out the view from the sunroof

hubby golfing

mom golfing

batch of cameraslipcovers

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