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the lovely poppy [[the blog]]: September 2011

Friday, September 30, 2011


 oh friday has finally arrived, i thought it would never get here. my week was spent crafting after hours and putting a few new touches on the blog. i didn't notice until i was uploading my pictures, but it seems my post this week has a craft theme.

life rearranged

i took a few hours off of work this week and attended a sewing class. little did i know it was an advanced sewing class. my "bag" came home half done, because i couldn't keep up with the others. i'm hoping to finish it this weekend, but i have a feeling it may be sitting for a while.

i found this jewelry box at an antique store a few weeks ago.. 5 bucks! and it works so well for craft fairs
my fabric storage has gotten a little out of control..
..but i'm working on an organization project that i can't wait to share.
i added a few new pacifier clips to the shop.
so excited for next weeks diy feature. i made this yesterday and love it. 
bailey has enjoyed finishing our caramel apples.
i've enjoyed starting them :-)


Thursday, September 29, 2011

feeling accomplished

one of my goals for this year was to figure out photoshop and blogger, so that i could design the blog myself. i'm constantly desiring change (too frequently according to my husband) and i really wanted to have the freedom to change and design whenever i wanted vs. having to depend on someone else. after googling tutorials for the past week, the blog is now complete. there are a few tweaks i'll still be making and there's a good chance i will have already changed something by the next time you visit, but that's me.

here were some of the potential headers (and the winner)

which one is your favorite??

i'm hoping to post tutorials soon on how i did everything. in the mean time, if you are in the mood for some free and fun new fonts- check out kevin and amanda's site.

inspiration workshop- diy

i LOVE, LOVE, LOVEEEEE trying new diy (do it yourself) projects. i could spend months on pinterest browsing though diy tutorials.

here are some of my favorites

rainbow crayons
Source: via Nicole on Pinterest

glitter french manicure 
Source: via Nicole on Pinterest

leg warmers

Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop!


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

leg warmers

fall officially started this week, so i've pulled out the boots and have started to put away the shorts and dresses. i can't completely depart from them yet and needed a good and cute way to keep my legs warmer. for this tutorial you'll need a pair of knee high socks (mine are from target- $2.50) a sewing machine, and scissors. the project takes around 10 minutes and it easy after a few tries (i'd recommend starting with a pair of socks you don't like first)
here are the socks i picked up from target
1) cut off the toes
2) cut off the bottom of the heels
3) cut off the top of the heels
4) line up your socks and the larger mid section of the parts you cut. make sure they are even and trim if needed.

5) turn the midsection under, so that it's folder in half with the pattern on the outside.

6) put the midsections over the socks. line up all three layers of the socks, so that there are no bunches.

7) pin as needed, i decided to take the pins out right as a i sat down to start
8) place your stitch on the zig-zag setting and slip the sock underneath the needle. make sure not to stretch the sock, but guide it along until you have went around completely.
9) i went over the start stitch to prevent fraying.
you're done- easy peasy, right?


Monday, September 26, 2011


i've been searching for the perfect case/bag for my dslr {forever!} for a few months. i'm so excited about the two options that i went with.

since i have severe i got this great insert which allows me to put all of my lenses and accessories in and just pull out when i want to use a different bag. i'm able to use the non traditional, plain bag for my camera- which love. i found it here, on etsy.

the second accessory i got to carry my camera is a ketti handbag. i did some major research before splurging on this bag and it was worth every penny. i love it so much, that i've been using it as a purse sometimes as well. they are very difficult to snag, but after hitting refresh 105 times and waiting around all morning one day, i was able to order one. 

i made a matching slipcover last night and am so happy with how they coordinate.

Friday, September 23, 2011


oh fridays, you are my favorite. here's a recap of my week in pictures.

last week was one of the most difficult weeks of my life. thank goodness for good friends, family, and flowers.

saturday we went to my favorite little city for their fall festival. i had to show b the store completely dedicated to cookies. this was the sprinkle wall.

to complete the perfect saturday we went to starbucks. i got an apple cider. i've always wanted to try the pumpkin latte everyone talks about and did it yesterday. i was not a fan and will stick to my cider.

words to live by.

oh i love her.

b has been busy cutting up apples for our dehydrator. he usually fits about 6 apples on and i usually eat them all in under 10 minutes.

fun fall tutorial coming later this week.

life rearranged