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wiww- no more monkeys jumping on the bed

the lovely poppy [[the blog]]: wiww- no more monkeys jumping on the bed

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

wiww- no more monkeys jumping on the bed

i can't believe it's already august. don't hate me for saying this.. but i'm really looking forward to fall.

-caramel apples
-apple cider
-pumpkin muffins
-sweatshirts and jeans (i could live in them)
-beautiful leaves
-our anniversary

today i'm linking up with lindsey for another week of wiww. i know, it's hard for me to take a serious picture of myself. so i had a little help from b.. and they aren't serious (just like a little monkey jumping on the bed). the pictures are from a wedding we attended and sadly i don't have the luxury of jumping on my own bed because of the ceiling, so i had to go wild at the hotel.

dress: express

 hi honey:-) i believe he's rocking the steve madden glasses, but not sure.

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At August 3, 2011 at 5:21 PM , Blogger Cerrisse said...

Cute dress! pictures look like fun :)


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