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tutorial- chalkboard frame

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Thursday, July 7, 2011

tutorial- chalkboard frame

my first craft fair is next weekend (eeekk!!) and i've been contemplating different display ideas. i came up with this super easy and quick chalkboard frame. it literally takes 2 minutes of your time (add in an extra 30 minutes for the paint to dry.)

skill level: easy
time: 2 minutes (plus 30 minutes of drying time)
supplies: chalkboard spray paint- i recommend krylon, cardboard, picture frame

1) take the picture out of the picture frame you are using. trace and cut out the same size piece of cardboard.

2) shake, shake, and shake the spray paint.
the first time that i tried this project, i didn't shake enough and yuckkkk- it turned out crummy.

3) spray 2 coats of the spray paint on the cardboard

4) allow at least 30 minutes for the paint to dry

5) take the cardboard and pop it into the picture frame. now you have yourself a great versatile chalkboard.

i'll be using one similar to this to display my prices.

i'd love to see pictures, if anyone decides to try this project out!!



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