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craft fairs & an accuquilt

the lovely poppy [[the blog]]: craft fairs & an accuquilt

Monday, June 13, 2011

craft fairs & an accuquilt

i got official confirmation a few days ago that i was accepted into the tosafest craft fair. i'm a little nervous, since it's my first craft fair. i'm excited to shop for a table, create a matching table cloth and continue to thrift for items to display my products. i learned quickly over the weekend not to go to antique stores with my husband. i easily was done browsing after 5-10 minutes and then proceeded to find a chair that looked stable enough to hold me. i never realized how fun it is to people watch at antique stores. unfortunately, i came home empty handed. since i didn't get anything i decided to treat myself to an accuquilt. AMAZING. i highly, highly recommend it for anyone who hates cutting fabric as much as me.

i haven't made anything too special with it yet. but i'm hoping to make some of these pennants for the upcoming craft fairs.

i have a few new items to add to the shop. they should be all listed by the end of tomorrow. what do you think?


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