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weekend recap w/ [new] products ..and bailey

the lovely poppy [[the blog]]: weekend recap w/ [new] products ..and bailey

Monday, June 6, 2011

weekend recap w/ [new] products ..and bailey

i'm not particiualry a fan of mondays, but after a great and somewhat relaxing weekend, it's actually fairly enjoyable (however it's only 7:10am). the hubby and i got to spent a lot of time together outside, walking around downtown shops and trying new foods (my two favorite things). bailey had a good weekend as well, she got to come with us most of the time and saw her first duck.
 part of the weekend was spent making a few new products. all products are now listed in the shop.

camera slipcovers

 rosette necklace
 rosette bobby pins
 rosette necklace
 ruffled blossom headband

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