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our wedding- the little details

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Monday, August 15, 2011

our wedding- the little details

b and i are quickly approaching our two year anniversary. below are a few of my favorite little details from our wedding.

we got married in door county, wisconsin. we planned our wedding to be in the fall because door county is absolutely beautiful in the fall with the trees changing. the ceremony was performed by b's best friend growing up, who was recently ordained. it happened to be his first wedding, which was an honor for all three of us. we are even lucky enough to be members of his church in milwaukee, since he was placed at a church a few minutes away from us.

i found our unity candle online, i loved being able to coordinate our flowers with it.

my father's family originated from norway and i wanted to make sure something norwegian was incorporated something i was wearing.

my beautiful dress, which i wish i could wear everyday (not really, sweats are more comfortable :-) )

i made the programs myself.. couldn't justify dropping a few hundred dollars to get them done professionally. we also did our invitations, which i don't have a picture of.

we lucked out by finding a reception hall that recently opened, it used to be an old firehouse and had plenty of character still left in it.

we got a personalized pumpkin done before the wedding at michael's (i think it was only 10-15 dollars). it's nice to bring out every year around halloween.

one of my favorite parts of our wedding was the candy bar. most of the candy was bought from walmart and the dishes were mainly bought from tj-maxx.

our cake.. it didn't turn out the way we had planned, but it still tasted delicious. whoever came up with the idea of saving the top layer of cake for your one year anniversary must not have had a good sense of taste, because b will eat just about any type of cake, but we ended up throwing it out and buying something fresh.

the heart dishes were for everyone to take home a few pieces of candy. i got them and michael's and the stickers were done at home on our printer. they also were the place cards for the dinner tables.

our champagne glasses matched my pearl jewelry, i found them at macy's.

lastly, my mom put together this random b for the reception hall. i wasn't a big fan of it at first, but it fit in well.

i'm saving the pictures of b, our wedding party, family and myself for another post. hope you enjoyed the small glimpse.



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