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handbag revamped- bag 2

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Thursday, August 11, 2011

handbag revamped- bag 2

you are probably starting to pick up on my love for 1)handbags 2) something completely different and unique 3) bright colors. i'm happy to be sharing with you a tutorial on revamping your handbag strap.

in order for this to work, you will be a detachable handbag strap. if you are really risky, you could use a non-detachable strap- but you're going to risk getting hot glue on it and it will have to be modified slightly.

1) start by measuring the strap. i measured from where the metal clasps started, but it's up to you how far you want the strap cover to go.

2) be creative and decide what you'd like for the top of the strap. you can use a strip of felt, fabric (just make sure to finish off the edges, leather, etc. i decided to use a felt strip that i patch worked with old fabric straps.

3) cut and measure the strip to make sure that it fits your dimensions.

4) cut the exact same size in felt. i was running low on large pieces, so my felt is in 2 pieces.

5) cover your strap with paper (this is so you don't get glue on the strap).

6) line the front strap up on the felt and decide how tight you want the strap to be secured, i did close to a quarter inch and it was perfect. afterwards draw a line on the felt, this will be your guide for the hot glue.

7) put a light layer of hot glue along one side of the front strip (be quick!)

8) press the top strap onto the bottom layer, then slide the strap underneath (as you can tell i opted not to use the paper covering). repeated steps 7 and 8 with the other side.

you now have a new and revamped handbag!
i've gotten so many compliments on mine already. i'd love to see pictures if anyone decides to replicate this.



At August 12, 2011 at 7:28 AM , Blogger BJ_Mama said...

SUPER CUTE IDEA! It was nice t meet you at EmmaJean's Grand Opening! :)


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